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Three simple plans, each paid monthly, get AI benefits right away.

Sales Acceleration

Ideal for sales people who
wants to scale sales using
LinkedIn, Email + AI

  • Linkedin Automations
  • AI (SalestoolsGPT)
  • Email Automations
  • Visitor Tracking 100/month
  • People Tracking 20/month
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Sync to CRM on Reply
  • Integrations
  • 1-1 Personalisation
  • Unified Inbox for replies
  • Double Verified Emails
  • Duplication Control
  • Technology Targeting
  • Reply Detection


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For go to market teams that want’s to benefit
from Linkedin, Email Outreach, Social Selling
and identify visitor automations. All based on
AI saving teams hours per day.

Everything in Sales and Social Selling modules

  • Sales Acceleration Functions
  • Social Selling Functions
  • Visitor tracking 200/month
  • People Tracking 40/month
  • 1 Onboarding Session
  • First-in-line support priority
  • Option to pay annually by Wire transfer
  • Annual invoice for simplified accounting
  • Early access to new AI functions


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Social Selling

When you want to build a
strong brand on LinkedIn
and engage with potential
customers in public.

Sales Navigator is required:

  • Social Selling Monitoring
  • Workflow for comments
  • AI Automation for comments
  • Personalised comments
  • Automatically Like posts


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What’s included? AI in everything!

  • SalestoolsGPT
  • Automations
  • Personalization
  • Duplication Control
  • Invite your Team
  • World class support
  • Playbooks
  • On Demand Training

Which functions are in the plans?

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    Unlimited number of leads
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    Unlimited number of automations
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    SalesNavigator & Regular LinkedIn Integration
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    Connect any email provider to Salestools
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    Target leads who reacts to post on LinkedIn
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    Unified Inbox Reply from one place
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    Icebreakers to increase reply and connection rates
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    1-1 Personalization at scale for better replies
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    Reply Detaction to stop followup in automations
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    Export data from LinkedIn to any CRM or CSV
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    Deuplication security across your entire team
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    A/B Testing in your email sequences
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    Email Sequences at scale
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    Double Email verification find emails even when not shown on LinkedIn
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    Black List features to avoid reaching your customers.
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    Social Selling
  • logo
    Visitor Tracking Companies and People
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    Technology Enrichment
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    Monitor Leads on LinkedIn
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    Like and Comment at Scale

Save big with Salestools

Salestools Replaces a lot of manual work, tools and processes in your business saving you both time and money see how we compare to the market:

Salestools Pro Unlimited

$99/month per user

  • Automations
  • AI
  • Technology Enrichment
  • Social Selling
  • Schedules
  • Email Automations
  • Email Finder
  • Email Verifier
$99/month per user all included.
Expandi: linkedin automation
$99/month per user
Salesloft: Email Engagement
299/month per user
Apollo: lead data
$99.00/month per user
$499.99/month for just 1 users,
$2485/month for 30, $14,910/month for 40…

Salestools also eliminates the need to many platforms. There's no more paying separate bills, onboarding people in multiple places, training people how to use different tools, forget to followup on LinkedIn, etc... The benefits of Salestools go beyond price.

A big boost for Sales people across the world

Finally a solution built for Sales teams, go to market teams and business development teams that enables them to avoid tedious manual tasks. Data at your fingertips, automations that uses the online social graph and Salestools proprietary database.

A Social Selling solution that enables scale

Leverage the power of social selling! Introducing a solution tailored for Sales teams, go-to-market squads, and business development units. Say goodbye to cumbersome manual processes and harness the potential of online social networks. With data at your fingertips and automations integrating the social graph, coupled with Salestools exclusive database, your team is set for success.

A big boost for Sales people across the world

Experience a monumental boost! Sales professionals across the globe can now supercharge their strategies with a solution designed just for them. Dive into streamlined processes, rich data sources, and powerful integrations that incorporate both the online social graph and Salestools unique database. Elevate your sales game to new heights!

How do customers feel after buying Salestools?

We asked our customers “What changed for the better since you switched to Salestools?” Thousands responded, here’s some of what they said…

I can focus on building connections
It saves me hours each day.
made us more efficient and profitable
It's a must-have for anyone.
Networking made effortlessly.
Boosted my professional outreach.
More leads, less effort.
My LinkedIn, supercharged.
Social selling simplified.
Automation at its finest.
Engagement skyrocketed.
Profiles shine brighter.
Conversations, not chores.
Efficiency redefined.
Lead generation mastered.
Prospects come easily.
Automate, then dominate.
Seamless connections daily.
Transformed my outreach.
LinkedIn, now on autopilot.
Sales made simpler.
Reaching goals faster.
Never miss an opportunity.
Digital handshake perfected.
Growth, automated.
Connection game-changer.
LinkedIn's magic wand.