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Salestools identifies and finds your next customer.
Put prospecting on autopilot with Auto Prospector!

300M+ Prospects

With access to up-to-date data, Salestools has a global coverage.

Job Departments

Search by job roles such as: IT, Finace, Sales, Marketing etc.

Seniority Level

Sort your Prospects by seniority level such as CXO, VP, Director, Manager etc.


Discover companies using 2,500+ technologies such as Salesforce, Marketo, Stripe, Shopify etc.

Stop Prospecting

Let Salestools automatically identify 25 new accounts a day for you.

Auto Prospect multiple Personas

Salestools will identify and save the personas you identify.

Automatically added to playbooks

Automatically start communicating and navigating through the sales cycle with your favorite play.

Use technologies

Let Salestools identify new accounts using specfic technologies.

Automate your Playbooks

Setup your ideal sales play and automate your outreach and activities.

Use your email

We support Gmail (Google Suite), Office 365 and Custom SMTP to send emails.

Sync task to your CRM

Set task and calls in your play and sync with your CRM.

Smart Analytics

Get deep insights into your activities so you can perform better.

Filter by IT-Budget

We calculate the IT Budget based on the technology stack and spend!

Sell on renewals

Getting in front of the ideal customer before they renew with your competitor.

Find companies based on Technology Use

Target accounts based on their technology purchases across over 2,500+ technologies.

Talking points

What is better than asking qualified questions, based on qualified data.

Prospect Anywhere

Now you can Prospect and start the sales cycle from any website (With our Chrome plugin).

Know their tech stack

Learn what technologies the company uses.

Add to Playbooks

Start the sales cycle from any website with our chrome plugin.

Use Role + Seniority Level

Filter by Role, Seniority Level and prospect directly from the website.


Salestools is the world’s largest provider of Live Data.


Salestools is the world’s largest provider of Live Data.


Salestools is the world’s largest provider of Live Data.


Salestools is the world’s largest provider of Live Data.

Churnback joined the Auto Prospector. They closed over $1M ARR with Salestools automation

240 percent more demos

104 percent more sales productivity

124 percent more qualified Leads

James Williams
VP Sales

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