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Salestools makes it easy to download leads from public available data such as social networks and other lead sources in a single click!




Lead Generation Software

All happens with a single click

Salestools finds public data from social networks, government data etc. and connects you to your potential customers via their actual Emails and Phone numbers.


Integrated with:
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Credit Free Bounce Back Policy

We stand behind our quality and we credit you back if a Verified Email bounces.

It does require to use Salestools Sequences to send the emails, that is the only requirement.






Sales Emails Have Never Been So Efficient And Simple

Emailing is a vital component for every account-based sales process. Sequences lets you personalize your outreach quickly and effectively.




Data That Drives Technology Sales

Salestools monitors the web technology stack of 10+ million companies to help you find, prioritize and reach your best prospects the moment they are ready to buy.



Account Based Prospecting

Prospect by named Accounts and Personas

Use the new Account based prospecting method from Salestools to land named accounts and save time when researching new customers.



Export your data

Export to Salesforce or Zapier

Data should be accessible in your CRM system by a single click! Salestools has a single focus: To assist you find accurate data, gather it with contact details and make it usable in your CRM. We are directly integrated with Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Pipedrive and many others, which enables you to set up an entire salesflow around Salestools.



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