Salestools is the world’s largest provider of Live Data, which is enabled through Artificial Intelligence and it enables companies to grow faster with accurate, up to date and human-verified data.

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Live Data® that you can trust
say no to stale data!

All data is always updated within an 8 weeks cycle to ensure you can trust the data.
We are empowered by A.I., human scientists and our data network. 

Live Data + Technographics = Insights
Live Data is key to closing more deals!

Salestools enables your reps to research companies, find new prospects and understand
how to engage with them. It is simple and straight forward, and always up to date

With Salestools directly integrated into Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics and amny more you are sure your data is never stale and you can access highly targeted prospects. Our integrations is used by thousand of customers and they rely daily on our high accuracy. Get started today by installing Salestools (takes a minute).

Save hours Prospecting

Salestools runs on live data, which enables you to reach accurate and up to date data. We update our data every 8 weeks, that way we can ensure data is never stale and can be trusted.

Close more Deals

With accurate data you are able to close more deals faster than ever. Understand the unique selling attributes that qualies the account and close high velocity deals.

Technographics that you can trust

Salestools is using A.I. and Live Data to track Technographics and we ensure that companies that are tracked are in fact using the technology shown. Technographics makes it easy to sort your customers
by whom is using Marketo, Saleforce, Google Adwords etc or find new ones.

Prospect by tech stack or enrich all your accounts with their tech stack directly in Salesforce!

Account Based Prospecting beyond

Efficient prospecting is done account based and targeting multiple prospects based on the desired account is crucial to your success. Saletools is built around your workflow so you easily with Sequences can start your successful outreach to orchestrate the touchpoint to the right people ans close the deal. Our system runs on Live Data, which means each prospect is checked for accuracy every 8 weeks.

Prospect on any website with Salestools Insights.

Saletools Insights give you direct access to prospect on any website and start your sales cycle from the plugin.

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