Tech Uninstall Targeting

Use Technology installs to target new customers

A rival's customers can be a valuable reservoir for new opportunities – provided you're attuned to the right indicators. Firms that transition away from your competitors are already acquainted with your value offering and recognize its advantages. This positions them perfectly to seek a superior solution – namely, yours.

Leverage technographic data to track and notify you when a target enterprise in your total addressable market (TAM) removes a rival technology from their toolkit.

Automatically unearth Salestools contacts within these firms that align with the Buying Committee for such technologies. Design a strategy tailored to each pinpointed technology and accompany it with specific outbound email content for every technology detected.

  • Identify specific technologies dropped at a company within your ICP
  • Source expanded set of contacts which meet your persona definition mapped to each technology
  • Send records to your CRM
  • Assign to a Account Owner
  • Enroll in Competitive Tech Uninstall Campaign

Technology Tracking



Impact of Play: Very High
The Go to market playbooks from Salestools enabled our team to leverage Salestools and scale faster.- Christian H.