Review Site Intent

Use positive or negativ reviews from G2 and other sources.

Acquiring intent data from review platforms can help pinpoint prospects already advanced in their buying journey and actively exploring solutions. Such "late-stage" intent data sheds light on entities investigating your niche, specific offerings, or rival products (and potential substitutes).

Elevate your campaign's impact with the aid of company visitor insights. Refine this data to discern members of the Buying Committee within intrigued enterprises.

Reach out to these primed prospects via an automated email initiative, emphasizing the advantages that set your product apart from competitor offerings.

  • Identify companies which now meet your Saved Search company filter criteria including views of review sites
  • Source expanded set of contacts which meet your personas mapped to review category
  • Send records to your CRM
  • Assign to a Account Owner
  • Enroll in Review Site Campaign



Impact of Play: Very High
The Go to market playbooks from Salestools enabled our team to leverage Salestools and scale faster.- Christian H.