Funding Round Signal

Identify companies that opening up budgets to spend.

When an enterprise or startups secures a funding round, it's a vivid indicator of their inclination towards new investments to bolster growth. Such a milestone is both commendable and serves as an organic discussion initiator.

However, manually monitoring funding events across myriad companies is a daunting task. Pinpoint prospecting companies and activate automated processes to dispatch congratulatory emails about their funding success, present your organization, and elucidate how your offerings can catalyze their newly acquired capital into tangible growth. By automating this procedure, representatives gain a head start in their outreach endeavors.

  • Identify companies with funding rounds of a particular round, size and source
  • Filter companies to reduce the records to meet specific criteria mapped funding news
  • SouSource expanded set of contacts which meet your persona definition mapped funding news
  • Send records to your CRM
  • Assign to a Account Owner
  • Enroll in Funding Round Campaign



Impact of Play: Very High
The Go to market playbooks from Salestools enabled our team to leverage Salestools and scale faster.- Christian H.