Account Based Marketing/Sales

Get closer to senior-level prospects to close deals faster

An account-based marketing (ABM) approach can help you engage with top-tier decision-makers at your primary target organizations. This strategy aims to captivate the more approachable and receptive end-users, fostering an organic demand wave and amplifying your product's recognition within the decision-making body.

Propose a no-cost trial to individual users, allowing them firsthand insight into your product's merits. As they grasp its capabilities, their enthusiasm might either create an overpowering demand within the buying committee or provide you with substantial data to present a persuasive argument.

Executing an ABM strategy necessitates a comprehensive multi-channel marketing plan. The objective is to harness diverse avenues (like emails, social platforms, online ads, direct correspondence, giveaways, tailored web interactions, and events) to generate excitement around your offering. Ensure these platforms echo a unified message, tailored specifically to the targeted account.

Reach out to all pertinent roles within the organization, encompassing both decision-makers and influential contacts. Determine the optimal mix of platforms and incentives, roll out all facets of the campaign in tandem, and pave the way for high-level executive interactions.

  • Dynamically add companies which meet your current ABM Saved Search criteria and have a high score (~ top 100 target accounts)
  • Company-level workflow combining LinkedIn and Email.
  • Filter companies using LinkedIn company filters with specific criteria matching your ABM criteria (~100 or less)
  • Source all buyers which meet your persona definition
  • Send records to your CRM
  • Assign to a Account Owner
  • Enroll in (company specific) ABM Campaign

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Impact of Play: Very High
The Go to market playbooks from Salestools enabled our team to leverage Salestools and scale faster.- Christian H.