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Salestools is the worlds biggest Sales Acceleration Platform. We are enabling companies identifying and landing their dream customers faster than ever before. LinkedIn Automation, Identify Website Visitors, Technology Signals and much more.

Stop doing manual sales outreach
Let AI automate it and make it personal

Generate the perfect LinkedIn Message & Email with zero typing required Salestools AI is the only AI sales assistant built with live data of over 250M+ contacts and millions of sales engagement data points. Trained since 2017 to tackle the AI process.

Here’s what a project looks like:

Example image
Example image

Use cases that fits your business.
Automated Sentiment Analysis and actions

Let AI analyse your replies, handle them based on Positive, Neutral and Negative replies and take action on follow ups, so no leads never fall through the cracks. Sync credit to your team, by automated reply sync to your CRM with a lead source stating Salestools.

A new way to automate Social Selling
scale faster through public comments

Engage with your leads, potential customers through social selling, automatically engage through AI and

  • Monitor Save leads on LinkedIn
  • Automatically Comment with SalestoolsGPT AI
  • Build your brand presence as being helpful on LinkedIn
  • Break through to hard to get accounts by Social Selling
  • Scale your corporate and personal Brand

The top choice of fast growing go to
market teams looking for a big advantage

Engage with your leads, potential customers through social selling, automatically engage through AI and

“Before Salestools we had to manually research craft messages to do LinkedIn outreach, which slowed down our sales team. Now we target a list on Sales Navigator and hit start and we are 3 hours a day in productivity per sales rep.

Christian Andersson

“Since integrating the Salestools platform into our social selling strategy, we've experienced a remarkable transformation. Not only has it paved the way for warming up new accounts seamlessly, but our connection rates have skyrocketed by an astounding 8x. Salestools has truly revolutionized the way we approach and connect with potential clients

Steve Blum

"Before Salestools, prospecting on LinkedIn felt like navigating a maze. Now, with its intuitive platform, we've not only streamlined our LinkedIn outreach but have also seen our connection rates soar by 8x. Salestools has truly redefined our approach to LinkedIn prospecting, turning potential leads into warm connections effortlessly

David Hicks

"Since integrating the Salestools platform into our LinkedIn prospecting strategy, we've witnessed a transformative shift. Not only has it made warming up new accounts on LinkedIn more seamless, but our connection rates have also skyrocketed by an impressive 8x. Salestools has truly revolutionized the way we approach and connect with potential clients, turning prospects into warm connections with ease.

Armin Hopp

Here’s another 100 testimonials. Read ‘em, or try Salestools and see the difference yourself.

Try for free, sell more with AI

Identify the Person Visiting your
website and turn them into customers

Anonymous website visitors is marketing leads brought by who didn’t buy yet, let sales automatically engage with Visitors on Linkedin and email right after they visitor and before the fill a form!

  • Identify and Reveal hidden opportunities
  • Target them based on Technology used
  • Reach MQL’s before the fill a form and turn them into oppertunities!
  • Reduce your overall CAC and allign Sales and Marketing
Social Selling

Salestools has chat built in so you don’t need to pay for a separate chat service like Slack.

Docs & Files

Every project includes space to organize, share, and store docs, files, and images. Cloud or local.

Docs & Files
Message Board

Keep the entire conversation about a specific topic together on a single page.

Message Board

In Salestools, everyone sees the same version of the full conversation. This way everyone’s always on the same page. No more forwarding emails to bring people up to speed.

Since not everyone needs to know about things as they happen. Salestools only notifies the people who need to know, so no one’s unnecessarily distracted.


Set up events, deadlines, and milestones so no one misses anything important — ever.


The powerful place to track work, deadlines, responsibilities, progress, and details.


Instantly understandable, impossibly powerful, Salestools's to-do lists do much of the heavy lifting for you.

Make as many lists as you want, assign as many people as you need, be notified when things are late or complete. It’s the full package in the simplest form.

Automations are build to reach prospects at scale with 100% personalization based on AI. No more manual work, instead 10X your results.

1-1 Automations

Automations are easy, but so should sales be Salestools AI uses the leads social data to craft the perfect messages. That take you from 10% acceptance rates, to 90%! Hmm, tell me more.

Salestools invented the automation category on LinkedIn, and we have taken steps to take the lead in the market with AI.

“The Lineup” shows you where every project stands, from start to finish, all at once.


Today’s always the line right down the middle, and each project has a start and end date on either end. This way you can see how much time remains on each one, relative to today, in a single glance.

Add a “Door” and link up other services you use right alongside Salestools built-in tools.


Got a service you use that isn’t represented here? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to add it for you.