Introducing Social Qualified Leads (SoQL’s)

Introducing SoQL (Social Qualified Leads)

Apr 15, 2024
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Introducing the Social Qualified Lead (SoQL) – The Future of Lead Qualification
What exactly is a SoQL, and why should you care?
Many marketers—and likely salespeople too—may be skeptical about yet another acronym in the revenue lexicon. But hear me out.
A SoQL represents an early stage of awareness in your marketing funnel, positioned before the Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL). Think of it this way: you're giving a presentation in an assembly hall. Among the attendees, you notice a few individuals fidgeting or tentatively raising their hands.
These attendees may not immediately fill out a contact form or engage directly, but their subtle actions, like liking a post, signal initial interest.
Here's the strategy: identify these individuals in your "assembly hall" and provide a platform for them to engage further. This not only makes them feel acknowledged but also encourages some of them to progress to the MQL stage.
The approach involves acknowledging their interaction with a personalized message, something simple yet engaging, like:
Noticed you liked my post on influencer marketing. Have you explored this at [company name]?"
This method is non-invasive and open-ended, recognizing their initial interest without overwhelming them.
Consider the alternative: a forceful sales pitch immediately after a simple like, which can feel as daunting as being summoned by the principal for an unexpected reprimand.
The importance of SoQLs? Naturally, they can lead to more MQLs and subsequent sales qualified leads (SQLs). But more significantly, by engaging SoQLs, you cultivate recurring engagement from these individuals, helping them move through the SoQL to MQL to SQL funnel. Moreover, this nurtures a sense of community and fandom, encouraging more frequent interactions and attracting new participants to your brand's "assembly."
This is akin to growing a personal brand. By investing in these interactions, you encourage your audience to invest back into you.