Email Subject Line Spam Words to Avoid in Your Next Campaign when you want to land in the Inbox

Mar 4, 2024
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It goes without saying email providers have gone sophisticated and often the right emails land in spam! The major question is, how do we avoid this? As a guideline there are certain words you don’t, can’t, shouldn’t, and mustn’t use within your email subject line!
It’s one thing if you’re sending a personal email to a prospect or customer — but if you’re sending outbound mass emails, you’re not going to get very far if 90% of your messages get blocked before they ever reach their intended recipient and this happens to millions of professionals daily.
There are so many spam trigger words, someone could write a nice thick book about them. But keep in mind that emails that promise untold riches and exclusive rewards reserved only for a special elite few. Remember that prince from Nigeria will pick up and land in spam land.
Let’s get into our list of words to avoid in email subject lines, so you can stay miles away from the spam folder and sell more!
We all know that email marketing may be one of the most successful marketing channels you can utilize out there, but that doesn’t simply mean email service providers want you filling up their servers with it. You may be doing marketing when you email clients, but that doesn’t mean you need to remind them you’re doing it. Avoid using the following words:
  • Email marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Direct marketing
Instead, provide actual content in your email that your readers will be interested in engaging with.
You can be sure that anything associated with a dollar sign — think of your local used car salesman. You not only look bad in your email marketing, but the spam filters are sure to pick these up and they’ll never reach their inbox. Avoid using the following words:
  • Get paid
  • Cash
  • Dollars
  • Price
  • Big bucks
  • Credit or Debit
  • Profit
  • $$$
  • Money back
Excellent wordings
Leave the hard-sell advertising copy to the retail stores and the magazines. Words like AMAZING, and INCREDIBLE smells of desperation and make you look untrue and attract the magic spam land.
You need to let your offer do the talking. Your prospects will figure out if you’re fantastic and amazing without you bragging about it, if you deliver to your content and value (also underpromising and over deliver is often a great strategy we do here at Saleshub). Avoid using the following words:
  • Fantastic
  • The best
  • Perfect
  • Unbelievable
  • Wonderful
  • You will not believe your eyes!
Again, anything that has to do with money, no way around it you are selling a product or service and the outcome is often measured in money, no way around it. BUT do not use words that are used by spammers. Avoid using the following words:
  • Double your income
  • Be your own boss
  • Increase revenue
  • Financial independence
  • Eliminate debt
  • Potential earnings
This — and “bonus” — may be one of those words that make some people take notice, but many more see it as open-bait and spam filters will catch you, yes it truly sucks if you offer a Freemium. Avoid using the following words:
  • 100% off
  • Allowance
  • Gift included
  • Rebate
  • 0 down
Days of the week
Normally in B2B we want to suggest a meeting on Tuesday etc, but thanks to marketers they flag “Day of the week” words due to the flood of emails for things like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Giving Tuesday, and so on. There are significant drops in open rates of emails with day names in the subject line.
  • Today
  • Soon
  • Last Day
  • Friday before [holiday]
Finally Mentions that goes without saying
  • Emojis – Emojis and symbols ($$$) are major spam triggers.
  • All caps – CALM YOURSELF. Create excitement with your tailored content instead.
  • Excessive punctuation  do not use !!!! etc people they get caught off guard and find it unprofessional.