We are happy to announce that Saleshub, Exactvisitor, and Techtracker becomes Demand and we officially raised 6.3M USD. Demand is unifying how companies land and expands with their next customer.

Mar 4, 2024
We are happy to announce that Saleshub, Exactvisitor, and Techtracker becomes Demand and we officially raised 6.3M USD. Demand is unifying how companies land and expands with their next customer.
Demand generation is the core of every company and Demand has been specialized in the needs ever since its inception in 2014!
  • Saleshub, ExacVisitor, and Techtracker unify and merge into our new brand Demand.
  • We raised 6.3M USD (bootstrapped)
  • Move of HQ to Zug in Switzerland
  • We landed new enterprise customers, which became our focus when the pandemic hit - long-term strategy, for Midmarket and Enterprise. We are learning daily from all customers and sharing learnings and helping from the largest global companies to early-stage companies and startups with the right strategies to grow.
  • Next is the unification of the platforms and enabling a new way to land new customers.
  • Demand+ coming our streaming and training service and inclusivy and exclusive community for all customers.
Now you may ask why the merger between the 3 companies? Well it is very clear for us when talking to customers, they all want a unified process landing new customers and sync them to their CRM when a meeting is booked. Demand is not just a brand but also a process we are standing behind. By result is the ultimate way to grow your online pressence, create relationship and capture high intent leads from your website. In fact Demand will be the most cost efficient and affordable channel and most predictable for booking your next appointment. It all comes down to customer acquisition costs (CAC) and Demand helps you significantly lowering your CAC. Online ads are a small part of a comanies strategy, but also the most expensive and data shows only 10% of your target market will ever potentially see the ads. This in layman terms mean you are leaving out 90% of your market if you don't use Demand today!
Now the next thing, we raised $6.3 Million USD but managed to remain bootstrapped that may sound odd. Even writing this but it is a testiment to hard work, dedication by our team! We moved our HQ to Switzerland and last year we posted a $6.3M USD profit after taxed and that get rolled 100% over to our growth rather than profit distribution, that is the 6.3M USD we raised from all our amazing customers!
This means all customers are in safe hands as we focus on the bigger opportunity and serve all customers, while growing fast and keeping our prices down for you. If we should talk valuation based on the market, and VC's expression interest in acquiring a stake, and considers our MoM growth, Profits, cost level we are set to be valued at around 220M USD. That is not bad for a bootstrapped company, not having taken any outside founding but only carrying about each and every customer.
Our move of HQ to Switzerland as a core is strategic, as it provides access to direct flights, access by train too many customers globally and in Europe. Further more it is A great political environment for businesses and has a strong diverse talent pool.
You may ask what happens to your account? It will slowly get an updated user interphase and you will see a Demand logo on the platform. As unification happens you will be able to add features inside the same platform to accelerate your demand generation engine.
Demand+ is something we have been planning for the past 24 months, and for customers it will provide exclusive access to training all around Demand Generation, and this is a perk that pays back your subscription 10X alone. Also this will extend as an inclusive community to provide support to our members, employees, customers and partners. We want to stay close to founders, team builders and leaders helping them roll out technology and processes for the better growth of their companies.
We are happy that you are a customer or joined our mail list to stay in the loop.
Now welcome to the new Demand universe, let's get go build more relations that turns into new customers.