Connect on LinkedIn With Inbound Leads (Calendly Bookings)

Guide on how to Connect on LinkedIn With Inbound Leads (Calendly Bookings)

Dec 9, 2023
You book a demo that came inbound and you want to setup an automation that ensures they pay more attention and doesn’t miss the demo. Saleshub is the only platform that can engage with automations based on Calendly bookings through LinkedIn and Email in one setup and 100% automated after it is setup. This help you increase your demo show up rate, close rate and build real relations with potential customers.
First step is to go to Zapier and make a new ZAP
notion image
Next go to Saleshub and create an Automation based on starting point and build out your Automation including LinkedIn connection request and followup Emails and Linkedin Messages.
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Build out your Automation here are some examples for messaging to use:
Connection Message:

“Even though this is an automated request {first_name}, I just wanted to say hey.

I’m Jesper from the onboarding team here at Saleshub. I am pumped to do the Demo with you 🙂

Talk soon.”

Then go to Integrations and select Webhook in the bottom
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Choose your account and test the trigger then next is to Choose Webhooks by Zapier.
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Next Copy the webhook url from Saleshub and use as below the input fields to use can be found here.
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Next test your action and turn on and now you have a full automation for your meetings to connect on Linkedin etc.
If you’ve been following along successfully, you can now continue generating leads and ensure a higher demo show up rate and close rate.
The cool thing is the time saving – every single time someone books an appointment with you, they’ll get an automatic LinkedIn request.
Because of the demo booking automation, we managed to achieve a connection request acceptance rate of up to 93% on LinkedIn and it is automated.
And once they got off the call with you – your leads will receive an automatic email follow-up, if you set that in your automation.
This way, you’ll always be on the top of mind for your leads’ and engage them on multiple channels and touch points – fully automated!