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Salestools monitors the web technology stack of 5+ million companies to help you find, prioritize and reach your best prospects the moment they are ready to buy.


Got Budget?

Salestools takes a snapshot of your prospects’ technology stack every day. It gives you a full picture of what technologies they are using and if they have a budget. Now you can prioritize by spending less time targeting potential clients who rely purely on internal, open source and free technologies since they avoid spending money to grow their business.

Redefine Tech Sales

With 5+ million companies to choose from, Salestools helps you organize the ideal list of companies/accounts segmented by technology provider, budget, location and much more. (Technology Index launching Mid-September)


Prospect Smart

Once you’ve identified your ideal list of companies, use Salestools to find the desired contacts and get their email addresses. Then, in a single click, reach out to them through Sequences.

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“Salestools has transformed my sales cycle by providing me with more data and I’ve been able to turn an individual biz dev rep into a 1 man prospecting army.”