Every company runs on technology
Salestools gives you the full insight!

Target your next customer and learn more about them!

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Checkout the Tech Stack on any company on their website and save prospects directly with Salestools to your CRM.

Target Accounts based on Tech Stack with Live Data!

With 20+ million companies to choose from, Salestools helps you uncover your perfect list of highly targeted accounts segmented by technographic and firmographic data points with Live Data.

Live Data + Technographics living inside
Salesforce is key to closing more deals!

Salestools enables your reps to research directly from within Saleforce to understand
what Customers to target next. It is simple and straight forward, and always up to date

Enable the true efficiency of highly targeted accounts and the prospect graph from Live Data to reach the right personas from the right accounts in a few clicks. Save time and target customers using Salesforce with +100 employees and HQ in New York, by a single click. Orchestrate your outreach with Sequences and close targeted accounts faster than before.

Save hours Prospecting

Salestools runs on live data, which enables you to reach accurate and up to date data. We update our data every 8 weeks, that way we can ensure data is never stale and can be trusted.

Close more Deals

With accurate data you are able to close more deals faster than ever. Understand the unique selling attributes that qualies the account and close high velocity deals.

Technographics within Saleforce

Salestools allow direct technographics enrichment to Saleforce. It makes it easy to sort your customers
by whom is using Marketo, Saleforce, Google Adwords etc.

See the tech stack on individual companies or sort all your accounts by a technology directly inside Saleforce, always kept up to date!

Account Based Prospecting beyond

Efficient prospecting is done account based and targeting multiple prospects based on the desired account is crucial to your success. Saletools is built around your workflow so you easily with Sequences can start your successful outreach to orchestrate the touchpoint to the right people ans close the deal. Our system runs on Live Data, which means each prospect is checked for accuracy every 8 weeks.

See a clear 360 degrees overview with Technographics!

Salestools gives you direct insights from the entire Techstack, funding news and access to Live Data’s A.I. powered Prospect Graph.