You know your business. We know rich, ready intelligence. 

Salestools’s sales solutions allow you to discover new opportunities and spend more time doing what you do best: selling to the right customer.

Salestools gives you access to prospect on any website with our Chrome plugin, try it today it is free.

Deeply engage with Targeted Accounts for Bigger Results and Higher Retention!

Salestools is built for sales professionals so they can streamline the entire sales cycle. Whether you are searching for 1 contact or 1,000 our Growth Enablement Platform offers access to all the market intelligence you need to succeed in your territory and vertical.

Live Data empowers your CRM with actionable sales data

Live Data instantly transforms a email or domain into a complete person and company profile. Our global industry coverage and high data accuracy ensure you get instant information to close more of your best deals, faster.

Get your real-time business intelligence to sell better to your ideal customer profile. Are long gone the days of buying stale data from data syndicates, or outsourcing the research work to outside teams. Now teams get a full stack Live Data platform to support all sales, retention, and marketing efforts to engage more effectively in a sale with the customers.

Accelerate lead qualification

Get fully enriched profiles to qualify, score and route leads. Discover valuable targets and the Live Data insights so your sales teams can focus only on the ideal customer profiles that are most likely to close.

No more research and data entry

Research shows the average rep spends over 31% of their time researching and entering data. Live Data automatically populates relevant up-to-date contact and company information to your CRM, leaving more time for building relations and selling.

Technology Stack aligns your company growth by better targeting accounts

Get your integrated intelligence for every stage of your sales cycle and support the sales teams to have the buyer profile of any customer. Assign refreshed records from the industry’s most accurate source of truth. Technographics makes sure you have a powerful overview of the technology a company is using, the category and the buyer profile.Then easily and quickly purge bad data, merge records duplicates into consolidated ones, and reduce data storage requirements.

66% of sales teams lack of reliable data and they miss out on success.
Let’s stop stale data and utilize Live Data from Salestools to win more deals!

Account Based Prospecting: Develop Accounts, Not Leads

Sales development reps(SDR’s) or Inside Sales teams using an account based prospecting approach score 4.5X higher response rates. Effective prospecting is done by account based revenue and targeting multiple prospects based on the persona category is crucial to your team success. We built a platform around your workflow and you can easily orchestrate all the activities types with Sequences so you can win or retain faster accounts. Salestools ensures you work with Live Data, that the most accurate data in the market and it is refreshed every 8 weeks.

Prospect and get valuable info on every website with Salestools Insights.

Leverage the power of A.I. Prospect Graph from Live Data and access company and prospects information on any website, save prospects directly to Salestools or your CRM.