Account Based Sales in Sequence

Outline your strategy then make your strategy a reality with sequences, build a flow and keep it.

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Use Salestools Insights to start a sequence from any website, the power of Live Data. Close more deals with Saletools and Insights. Get it in Chrome today

Automated Emails, Calls and Tasks in one unified platform!

Start your sales process from our Insights Plugin on any website or through Live Data, and sync each touch with your CRM so you always are up to date, and never miss an opportunity.

Create Plays That wins deals
and can be shared among the team

Choreograph a winning strategy where you engage multiple personas simultaneously, or simply one at a time until you get a meeting booked, that lead to a win.

A playbook make it easier to follow through each step of the way. Design your emails to match the personas engage with them in a meaningful and powerful way, with the power of insights from Live Data. Create new relationships with Salestools.

Persona Focused

Design your outreach by personas to make sure you reach them in a way that interest the persona. You need to trigger their senses and curiosity to get them to reply.

Play by Play

Engage multiple personas within an account simultaneously, with optimized plays designed to get a demo booked one step at a time.

Talk To The Right Personas, Win more Deals

Salestools provides the engagement platform that helps organizations engage more ideal personas wihtin ideal accounts more effectively and prevent the mistakes that can ruin new deals.

Account-Based Sales Is your plays and avoid the bad ones

With Salestools your Sales Team, can ensure they reach their goals, stay on track with their engagement and close more deals.