Intelligent Outreach Platform

Salestools makes it easy to reach out to prospects in a single click by enabling you to follow-up by email via Sequences. Sequences focuses on making your email outreach systematic, data-driven and efficient to increase your ROI.


Sequences are simple

Salestools has made it easy to A/B split test your emails by learning which template is better so you always use the highest converting templates. It focuses on reaching the right contact and ensures that you remember to follow-up.


Understand who is opening your email, how frequently they are opening it, which templates are working so you can close more deals. Learn, accelerate and sell more with Salestools Sequences!

Sent from your Email

Salestools is using your email provider to send these emails ensuring the highest delivery rate while adding that personal touch for the receiver.

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“Salestools has transformed my sales cycle by providing me with more data and I’ve been able to turn an individual biz dev rep into a 1 man prospecting army.”