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Salestools helps you reach more deals and find accurate data on your prospects.


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Make your daily workflow easier


Salestools drastically make it easier for SDR's to find accurate and up to date data with a single click. In fact some SDR's have reported they went from 5 hours research a day down to just 30 minutes after using Salestools.


Sequences make your Outreach easy!


Salestools Sequences is built into the platform and make it easy with a single click to reach out to your candidates with a single click. Never forgot a follow up and send personalized email. 


Know if they are worth hunting!


Technologies will give you the insight about the way the prospecting company is spending their money. Do they buy premium software or do they use open source? This makes a big difference in how they purchase services and indicates to you if they are worth hunting.

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“Salestools has transformed my sales cycle by providing me with more data.”

Daniel Appel, Closingplan

“Salestools has become critical to my sales process, they frequent improvements is incredible!”

Paul Rappaport, InMoment