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Salestools boosts your company's sales and productivity, allowing you to scale faster and close more.


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Your team can prospect faster


Salestools enables sales teams to orchestrate their work faster, in a more targeted way. Using all the most up to date information about potential customers in minutes not hours. Teams can work together to avoid duplicates, scale together and close more deals.


Team Duplications


Team duplication ensures your team never reaches out to the same prospect/lead and focusses on landing new business only. 


Prospect Analytics


Salestools gives you a full overview of the number of prospects, accounts your team is working on, how much data they prospect so you can make better decision running your sales team. Our focus is to improve the efficiency of Sales Managers with their team.

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“Salestools has transformed my sales cycle by providing me with more data.”

Daniel Appel, Closingplan

“Salestools has become critical to my sales process, their frequent improvements are incredible!”

Paul Rappaport, InMoment