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Salestools helps you reach more deals and find accurate data on your prospects.


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Find prospects faster than ever before


Use social networks such as Linkedin, Xing, Viadeo etc from Inside Salestools to find accurate and up to date date, with email and phone.


Extensive integration with your CRM


Connect your CRM and sync over data, stages, emails directly to your CRM. Make sure you data is always up to date and you can sell to the right person.

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Recognize duplicates & complete existing contacts


Make sure you never work on duplicate accounts, we have a dedupe function that ensures you only works with accurate and up to date non-existent data.

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“Salestools has transformed my sales cycle by providing me with more data.”

Daniel Appel, Closingplan

“Salestools has become critical to my sales process, they frequent improvements is incredible!”

Paul Rappaport, InMoment