LinkedIn automation rate limits and known best practices 2020 edition

Why can’t I connect to 100,000 people in 5 minutes and send them a message?

LinkedIn has build a great social network for business professionals to share, recruit, sell and again sell to each others. We see many users has surreal expectations when it comes to LinkedIn, and we most remember any Microsoft owned property tend to have their interesting ways in limiting things. LinkedIn has done a good job building a great platform and they have done so by setting limits to avoid unnecessary spam. LinkedIn is generated by your data and you are the product, so you should have the freedom to do what you like with that data.

We at Saletools believe you should be able to get the most out of your LinkedIn account and use it to grow your career and business. We also understand that LinkedIn has to draw a fine line to protect the community.

Though these fine lines are not publicly available anywhere, our experience as growth-hacking gurus and working with thousands of customers and data sets it allows us to have a good idea of what can be done on LinkedIn and what cannot be done!

Here is what we’ve found out in our data and tests.

A few insights about how LinkedIn’s algorithm works.

LinkedIn is all about collective user information attribution, let the user provide as much accurate data as possible, and when they get addicted to the information on others limit them so they start paying for access to the platform.

The better data provided by the user and activity and connections, the more exposure you get as a user on the platform. We can almost consider it like Google’s algorithm for search SEO, where relevancy matters.

So if you have little or non activity on your account you will be limited in “growing” the account with connections as LinkedIn’s algorithm will flag you for unusual behaviour, while a 10 year old account will be able to grow faster.

Here is preliminary short list of factors that LinkedIn are using to limit accounts:

  • Whether you have a paid subscription or not (this matters)
  • How old is your account?
  • Number of connections/followers
  • Do you have a profile picture
  • Do you create posts?
  • IMPORTANT did you install and use the Smartphone app? (this can make sure you are not a fake account)
  • Completeness of the profile
  • Time spent per day on LinkedIn
  • Number of messages sent per day
  • How many articles and publications you’re posting
  • How many comments or likes you’re giving
  • If you are accepting or rejecting connection requests
  • How many searches you do per day for people/companies
  • If you look at job posts

Here is a short overview of what is good and bad ranked from cold to what you want
🥶 Any new or not frequently used account, even premium, with less than 2k connections.
👍 Free account with more than 3k connections, with some or daily activity.
🏆 Premium account, frequently used, with more than 1k connections.

LinkedIn scraping suggested best practices to use

Profile downloads from search results

🥶 Max 20 pages/200 results  per day
👍 Max 50 pages/500 results per day
🏆 Sales Nav max 100 pages/2500 results per day

Important to know: LinkedIn searches display a max of 100 results pages. For searches resulting in thousands of results, you cannot download more than the first 1000 results with a regular LinkedIn account, so we suggest to be using as many filters as possible. Sales Navigator displays 25 results per page, so with these accounts you can download a max of 2500 results.

Group member extractions

🥶 5 groups per day and 1 group per time
👍 10 groups per day and 1 group per time
🏆 15 groups per day and 1 group per time

Only the latest 2500 members of a LinkedIn group can be scraped.

LinkedIn automation best practices

Auto-connecting actions

🥶 10-20 profiles a day (we set random time between request for your safety)
👍 100 profiles a day (we set random time between request for your safety)
🏆 200 profiles a day (we set random time between request for your safety)

What you need to consider

Salestools has build an Auto Withdraw as a mechanism you should use in every automation flow and the reason is, if you have a large number of pending connection request Linkedin might restrict you so in order to avoid that ensure to auto withdraw if you set that up. Secondly think of LinkedIn if you suddenly start doing lot of activity they might flag you for some day but not ban you. In fact we never had any customer that got banned as we set restrictions into the platform.

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