Reveal your next customer before they talk to your competitor

Today the pressure on B2B marketers to drive measurable revenue impact is higher than ever before. To increase revenue marketers are typically left with optoins such as Events, Ads, Content, Social, Videos etc. So how can they increase the revenue in a repeatable manner? One is to setup ABM campaigns for names accounts, another way is to get better data for the sales team.

One major issue is, it doesnt matter how well a marketer is doing, he can find smart reasons in this article still do very little around the conversion rate. Typically are companies only aware of the leads that actually signup, chat or fill a form and therefore become a Marketing Qualified Lead. These conversions in most B2B companies are typically from 2-5%, which means more than 95% of your visitors are leaving (Bouncing) without talking to your team. These leads are typically acquired by marketing efforts or referrals.

“Conversion rates are typically 2-5% on B2B websites”

Imagine if you could reveal more than 30% of the companies that doesn’t engage with you on your website, and automate a push to your CRM as a qualified lead when they visit the Pricing page, or they use Salesforce or any other qualification criteria. With Voogy you can track your visitors based on many criteria’s.

  • Pages visited: Setup automation around the pages they have visited or entered on
  • Number of page views: it is important that they have seen more than just your frontage
  • The acquisition channel: Referral link, direct traffic, social, Adwords, email etc. you can auto-sort visitors two different sales reps if qualified.
  • Technology usage: Are they using Salesforce, SAP, Oracle Adwords, Marketo etc.
  • Industry: Target your ideal ICP
  • Company Size: Avoid large or small companies, this can be automated.
  • Visitor Location: If your ideal market is the US, perhaps a Visit from Sweden is not relevant.
  • Personas: What type of people in the visiting companies do you wish to reach, Decision makers and influencers by automation.

It is important to chart your different customer segments to the correct salespeople, so they can reach out to customers that truly shows Intent.

Secondly to automate Account Based Marketing into custom audiences with Facebook and Linkedin can be setup based on your visitor automation. This helps companies to advertise on social channels to companies that have visited their website, and enable sales to reach out at the same time. This approach have shown to increase MQL’s by up to 10x.

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