How to check if your email domain is blacklisted and ends up in spam!

This is the question all Marketers, Salespeople and Startup founders ask themselves, does my email truly land in the inbox or junk/spam folder? And if we got blacklisted for spam what is the best cause of action to take? Below is a guide that will walk you through different scenarios.

How do I identify if our domain or IP addresses have been blacklisted?

First step is to understand that there can be many reasons behind your domain ends up getting blacklisted, some can even be a hijacking of your domain for that sole purpose from a competitor or angry customer that want to hurt your business. To dissertation and prepare your new title plate click here now.

So the easiest way to check if your domain and or IP address has been blacklisted is the following links:


If you don’t find your self listed in any of these cases you are typically safe, and if your email is not going through it is most likely the IP address behind the domain name is still “cold” or the content of the email and the subject line.

What type of blacklists does exist?

So it is important to know that there are with SpamHaus the biggest anti-spam network 3 main ways to be included in their block list, the reason code is important as it helps you to identify how to recover your domain, and obtain whitelist status.

  • CBL – You have contracted a Virus or Malware that is operating a Botnet, either on your email server on a workstation behind the NAT – Continual delisting requests without eliminating the virus will result in permanent blacklisting;
  • XBL (Spamhaus Exploits Block List) is a realtime database of IP addresses of hijacked PCs infected by illegal 3rd party exploits, including open proxies;
  • PBL – Spamhaus PBL is a DNSBL database of end-user IP address ranges which should not be delivering unauthenticated SMTP email to any Internet mail server except those provided for specifically by an ISP for that customer’s use.

We see cases of customers getting their domain name included in SpamHaus and therefore getting blacklisted for having bad security setup on their DigitalOcean/Amazon Web Services servers, and that causes them to be included. That reason code is CBL and when you dive into the link provided from ie. it will give you details on the issue and when entering the link you will discover how to save your reputation. In many cases you need to manually delist by requesting a new scan and wait for the process.



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