Voogy Looks To Strengthen Data Intelligence With Salestools Acquisition

We are proud to announce our acquisition of Salestools, for an undisclosed amount.

Voogy is a consolidation of different products and that included our Salestools acquisition to be the premise for our data. Salestools is using machine learning and proprietary methodologies to capture technologies from websites that are being used or implemented by more than 60 million companies globally. Voogy is addinf this information into its Intent Driven Marketing Automation Platform, Voogy will be able to supplement its unrivaled company and contact information with real-time alerts that enable sales and marketing professionals to sell based on customer technology decisions, visitor locations and company names. Taking Anonomouys Webvisitor tracking to a new level, adding automation and process that saves companies countless of hours.

Intent Driven Marketing Automation is a new category coined by Voogy and it truly takes Anonomouys Webvisitors to a new level of automation, effectiveness and ROI. Think about Anonomouys Webvisitors with intelligent actions behind it and automation. One user case scenario.

Company X is running an Adword campaign, where they promote their ERP solution, lets call them Netsuite and they target high ACV’s that will search for SAP. Netsuite knows the personas they engage with in deals, and at a low level they can within 10 min from the visit from the prospecting clicked on the SAP alternative ad, be able to have automatically prospected the different personas and served in Salesforce for the reps to engage. Or alternatively use Playbooks and Voogy will automatically engage and start the sales process communicating all the benefits of Netsuite over SAP.

At a high level that is the automation, Intent Driven Marketing Automation offers.

Try it today on https://voogy.com





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