The Free Guide To Use Salestools Auto Prospector

Just a quick note about this guide before we dive in…

It’s completely free. You don’t have to fill out a form to access it.

And you won’t get a call from our sales team to “follow up” after you read it, we don’t do that!

Voogy is free and easy to use, and our content is as well!

So anyway let’s dive into how your company can close in more pipeline fully automated! We at Voogy are fully committed to ensuring your team will reach new heights when it comes to sales. We strongly believe the days where salespeople where spending time prospecting is over. We built the technology to make sure Salespeople are more effective at what they do best, close deals.

This guide shows you how to build a powerfull Automated pipeline engine, building pipeline while you sleep!

Btw if you don’t have time to read this whole thing right now, I won’t be offended, just check the videos.

Move around and learn and ask us on the chat if you have questions!

– Jesper

PS. If you’re not already automating your pipeline with Voogy, you can get your free account right here.

Build your Auto Prospector today 

There is a few steps into building your Auto Prospector, it is super easy to build, but we want to advise you on planning your right playbook and strategy. Targeting new accounts is all about finding what is your sweet spot, what make people tick and respond to you, who are they, what are the companies like etc?

Lets start by defining the Persona’s you are working on reaching out too! You can define persona’s based on their job roles, seniority level, location and job title. The setup is easy:

After you have to setup your desired play in Playbooks to reach out to the ideal customer profile and persona’s in a way that they respond too!

Finally setup your Auto Prospector and let is execute daily! It is literally getting free leads while sleeping, start your sales cycle fully automated every single day:

Get started today on and automate your sales cycle, hit us on the chat if you have questions!

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